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Cancer.Net Mobile is an award-winning free mobile application from the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Available on both iOS and Android devices, Cancer.Net Mobile provides a fully-featured set of tools to help manage your cancer care, as well as trusted, oncologist-approved information from Cancer.Net. Features include:

Track Symptoms: Note symptoms and side effects. Automatically plot severity, date, and time in an easy-to-read line graph. Link symptoms to questions, and email logged symptoms and questions. NEW: Set reminders to log your symptoms.

Record Questions: Track questions for your doctors and record their answers. Link questions to providers, medications, and symptoms.

Log Medications: Take photos of medication labels and bottles. Input dosage, frequency, and prescribing provider. Set reminders and log when medications are taken. Link medications to symptoms, providers, and questions.

Providers: Record health care providers' full contact information. Assign medications, questions, symptoms, and appointments to specific providers.

Appointments: Enter appointments with health care providers, view upcoming appointments, history, and sync with device calendar. NEW: Export appointment details to share with others.

“My Health Report:” Export and share tracked data—including symptoms, medications, and questions, as well as Apple Health tracked data—with health care providers, caregivers, and others. Information can be sorted by type or date, and either emailed or printed. NEW: Create and save multiple Health Reports to easily share different information with different recipients. Set reminders to run and share these reports.

Get Information: Up-to-date guides on 125 types of cancer, including treatment, managing side effects, cost of care, and living with cancer, as well as the latest videos, podcasts, and Cancer.Net Blog posts.

Stay Informed: Be notified about new Cancer.Net content including articles, videos, and podcasts.

Optional passcode lock: Keep your personal health data secure.

Apple Health integration (iOS only): Import tracked data from Apple Health, including blood pressure, resting heart rate, step count, and sleep analysis to include in your My Health Report. NEW: Import symptoms from Apple Health to add to your Symptoms log and Health Report.

Optional iCloud backup: For the questions, medications, and symptoms entered into Cancer.Net Mobile (on iCloud-enabled iOS devices).

Spanish-enabled! Users whose primary device language is set to Spanish are able to use all of the award-winning features of the app in their native language, as well as select oncologist-approved cancer information.

For information on the data ASCO collects through its mobile applications, see the ASCO Mobile App Privacy Policy.  

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Reviews and Awards

 “ Mobile offers an easy, user-friendly interface for people with cancer and for those helping them…once the basic information is logged, it is simple and fast to track side effects, questions, etc. on-the-go and as they occur. When used consistently, this app can help manage symptoms and facilitate communication with health care providers, during or after cancer treatment.” – Zero Breast Cancer (see full review.)

“This guides you through everything you need to know and what questions to ask. Brilliant App and just what I needed. When doctor's mentioned cancer, my world fell apart and my [brain] seem to go with it. This app means you don't have to do the research as it is all done for you.” – app store user

Cancer.Net Mobile has been recognized numerous times for its content, functionality, and user interface. It has been shortlisted in the 2020 Memcom (UK) Membership Excellence Awards for “Best Use of an App,” and has received a gold award from the Fall 2019 Digital Health Awards in the Mobile Digital Health Resources - Mobile Application category. View full list of awards.